Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pyramidal cart ride

In this month many a village in Tamil Nadu celebrate the procession of the village deity around the town.

Today was one such day, the local deity was decorated on a pedestal over which a pyramidal structure was built with natural materials of bamboo and casurina posts,coconut coir and cotton spreads over it,colorful decorations were added and temple priests and musical vidvans sit on the top.

The electrical wires are disconnected across the roads to prevent any tripping, the procession moves with the help of iron chains which are pulled by the devotees and the movements slowed or stopped with wooden blocks placed at the wheels.

At such times folks who have moved away from this village, return to spend a few hours or days for the celebrations and thanksgiving to the local energy fields, that have taken them to where they are and what they have become.

A simple celebration for the sharing of warmth and togetherness of the village folk for the welfare of every one.

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