Thursday, 3 March 2011

Slate and Chalk

It is a time to teach lessons, back is the slate and the chalk sticks, the alphabet and the picture books.

The kuruvis which descended to share the grains looked on at my dad , every thing seemed same, but he was not the one offering the grains, and he did not seem to notice them like before with interests for their b' fast.

Now i was doing the classes of picture matching, and the movements of the lips to organize the next flow of words,

He was over writing the words of tamil and forming the numbers with help, every word seemed like an accomplishment to me, with claps and he responding with a smile, he enjoys blowing the whistle and hand pumping the springs and the smiley ball for exercises.

The strain is less , my dad taking his own food and moving around the home,he seems to be a grown up child, with a happy smile as a reward for a simple act of wiping his face or a wash after a meal.

Thanks to all those who have shared, and shown help thro' words and encouragement during these difficult days.

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