Sunday, 27 March 2011

we dont have oil in our soil

The happenings at the Mediterranean coast and at the middle east, sets ones mind working, what makes one to go to that land, its beauty , its long lost civilization archeology, its sands, well not any more, soon they will be lost.

The bottom line ultimately comes to Oil, the booming business, the tall corporate buildings the extravagant life style, all come basically from oil.

The offenses that is taking place which is not called war, but kinetic military action, is allowed by the peace keeping body called United Nations.

If this unity of nations could be bought and traded ,with a term called lobbying what is the fate of calm nation with riches below them ?

Who would voice the offensives that are happening with in the land of the mighty.

The prayers would be " thank god we do not have oil below in our soil".


Shazia said...

nice one on oil and soil.. I think we should thank god for more things that we dont have or rather for things we still strive for, things which we get after toil.. Aah the sense of accomplishment.. Isn't so much there anymore...
Sorry.. This comment is a digression of your post :p

Yoda said...

I heartily agree, may we never have oil in our soil, but live by our toil! (nice rhyme, Shazia)

Oil has never benefited its people, just a few greedy ones at the top aided by foreigners - in Texas, in Saudi, in Kuwait, in Libya.