Sunday, 6 November 2011

7th sense( 7 aam aarivu)

If looks could kill, it is this.

The Chinese villain by his look at folks, and the Indian beauty with her looks on the screen.

The Tamil movie has been well researched to bring back to reality the lost days of the past, still present in our genetic code.

Who would have thought that the famous Shaolin temple in China, has its roots from us Indians.

For the younger generations, tantalizing dances and step by step fights, would keep them whistling away to the moves of Surya, the hero of the present and the master of the past.

It brings to reality that genetic engineering could be used to dig into the past that has been saved for the future, which we Tamils still carry in our wedding cards in kothiram and kulam, from our past Rishis.

The movie blends with the present crimes of bio-warfare, which could be tackled with wit and courage saved to surface at such situations.

If there could be a word more deeper than patriotism, it could be used for this feeling of seeing the movie, and walking away with a wonder, what have we in our genes that hides the past of our masters within us.

Credits to all those who brought this on to the screen, from digging into the palm scripts and voices of the present masters.

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venkhat said...

If only the story tellers could have added the mysticism of Bhodidharma it would have shown the full spirit of him.
Any way it has been a satisfactory expression of the hidden master to the world.