Friday, 11 November 2011

Ginger Burfi- the sweet medicine

The mix of cuisines at the buffet dinners and the satiety centre forgetting to use the word " enough" the onset of indigestion is a sure happening.

If one does not believe me imagine, nan,side dish, then bisebela bath,then rasam sadam , finally custard puddings.

The onset of winter has brought on the chillness that causes a dry hacking cough, and for the lesser mortals a case of laryngitis, the cough preparations are either suppressants or expectorants and at times a blend of both to confuse the system to expel and suppress.

For these times we villagers have a sweet remedy called as the ginger burfi, many a house hold has forgotten to make them and we depend on the Unani therapists who make them for their patients.( i have managed to sweet talk to get some for myself)


shazia masood said...

we use ginger juice extract mixed with honey and crushed black pepper for the dry cough or sore throat!

venkhat said...

That sounds wonderful, is there a way we can prepare the ginger extract, or do they come in a herbal store? shazia.

shazia masood said...

we just grind the ginger and strain by pressing the paste thru a fine sieve. The extract collected is mixed with less than equal amt of honey and freshly ground pepper added. Can be consumed within 2-3 days.

venkhat said...

thanks shazia