Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A tap on Tapioca

Many a house hold in our village has pre-breakfast with tapioca, hot steaming tapioca were carried in a bamboo basket on the head and sold to hungry kids, toiling moms and aged parents.

The curved knife that is used is handy, and we wait for the seller to give us that "pissuku" as it is called that comes as a bonus with the buy.

It is rich and energetic and keeps us full for the time the breakfast is ready , and many are off to work, till lunch time.

Many farmers grows these tapioca around our village and they are traded across the country from here.

If u have not seen any surprises , u can look up the uses of this simple tapioca and find them as filling, thickening ,binding and all the other words u can , for the many applications in food and other industries ranging from textiles,beverages,explosives, confectioneries, paper, cosmetic, medical, mining, plywood.

Tap the tapioca for its many uses.

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