Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dangling Carrot,Stick story with vaccines

We have all heard of the carrot and stick story,but this sure is different.

The government of Australia, is forcing the parents of kids to take full immunisation or else their tax benefits will be lost to the tune of 2,100 dollars per child.

How concerned the government is to make the parents take the stick,or make the child get the jab.

Do we still have our freedom, in matters of health .

Can we decide what we want , for ourselves and our children, see the results in your place and then know, whether u live in slavery or in freedom.


shazia masood said...

They dont think of it as slavery. If you try to explain, they will call you a madman. such is their love of their bonds.

venkhat said...

very true very true, i have had those terms added to my spirit and enthusiasm.