Saturday, 5 November 2011

Immunization -on guard

Is the immune system of the child weak or strong?

Wait take time to answer.

Got an answer
or don't know, well.

If it is strong why give vaccines,if it is weak, giving such concoctions that are present in a vaccine, do u think the child will be able to survive all the dangers that follow it with out succumbing!

With the net available for information, that was lacking when things had to be studied, or known only from medical books and journals, that were given paltry sums from the pharmaceuticals for their publications, one can see how much we lack,let us question and search for what is the truth .

Ask who knows what is in a vaccine, and how they work? the pediatrician who prescribes, the nurse that administers, the parent of the child that receives, the chemist who stocks, or the medical representative who meets the doctor to market it?

None of the above.

I would be glad if someone in this category denies and wills to share his/her knowledge.


Yoda said...

I'd love to ask them to take the vaccine themselves, if they think its so harmless.

Its like the ppl who take x-rays - they run out of the room as if their life depended on it, but when asked they tell you its harmless, not to worry.:)

venkhat said...

Yoda, very true the x ray technicians running away from the radiation, never thought of that.