Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Labouring at Labour ward

We have already had many a heart sharing episode happening in the birthing ward,with all of them forgotten or ending with the cries of the new born, and the welcoming of another creation.

The difficulties and happenings of all that takes place in the birthing place, is something we men are never qualified to express, but we do have hearts that feel, and so this sharing.

We men may not know , but we can at least start with a help in the change in the term of that ward, may be if we send a quest many a new term would come to change from labour to some thing else.

With the advancement in obstetrics, the laborious delivery has undergone many a change and with it more innovations and planning .

Who knows more things may follow and we may go along with Nature and the whole happening may be taking place in a garden shack later, with Mother Nature as the invisible mid-wife.


shazia masood said...

yessss.. I am tired of explaining to young girls.. that it is NOT labour at all. They seem to think its such a terrifying thing when actually its nothing like the name.. Labour should be changed to something like magical ward!!
Because it is indeed magic more than labour which one experiences there. I love the feeling of magic!! This is no labour at all!!

venkhat said...

Shazia, glad to have your words on this.

ohh i love magic, any tricks to play a game on my mind is on for me.