Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Practising strokes on an electrocuting racquet

Many a damsel in our village would have had illusions of playing tennis on the court,with high skirts or low tops,watching the opens across the globe, but with the culture and non playing husbands, things are difficult for imaginations to work out.

With the mosquito menace picking up pace on the battle front, the usual, "all outs" and other aromatic destroyers have been outdated, the mosquitoes have become immune to their effects.

The launch of the racquets have brought out hidden strokes with in the household, the mosquitoes are electrocuted with a sweep and the rest fly away with astonishment .

Missing the mosquitoes has an equally disastrous effects on them, as they leave to find racquet less environments.

Time for a relishing lunch, with the racquet at the side, this is when back strokes and left handed practice help to keep the gnats at bay.

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