Saturday, 26 November 2011

A mantra at thirumala

Thirupathy used to be a yearly pilgrimage for my folks, and we had used a bus trip till Katpadi, and a train ride to reach the mountain foot hills.

There are two ways to reach the hill top mountain temple of thirumalai thirupathy,the bus route and the other is the walkers path, that is wonderfully laid with steps, lights and nature s beauty.

The queue for the bus trip used to be a horror, and the walk around the temple pragarams,a day and a night mare of waiting to get to see the deity,With the Darshan, the whole tiredness and difficulty is forgotten.

I got to hear and see about Konganavar Siddar, who was the one who got the place consecrated, and his place is at the north west corner of the temple tank.( unknown to many)

The slogums within the temple is continuous and soothing and more.

There is another which i heard about recently, the ones who manage the lines and the crowd with their services, voicing "jarugandi jarugandi" move move, within the santum santorum.

The mantra for all , don't stagnate.

A revelation of a different kind.

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