Thursday, 3 November 2011

If lobbying is not bribery what is it?

Many across the globe feel India is the most corrupted , as the politicians accept bribery in all matters from road laying to egg laying.

I am not here to expound the acceptance, nor say it is right to accept their trade, but to say it is occurring all across the world.

Our policies and politics are local, but the super powerful nations of the first world , make changes or accept things to make it a law to carry it to the other worlds , like the promotion of the sweet alternative - aspartame.

If this one product is not enough to set u to trigger the caution, what ever will!

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Yoda said...

Lobbying is totally bribery - its just a cleaned-up word to legitamize an growing evil in the rich countries.

Thank god we still have our Anna Hazares who can protest corruption.