Saturday, 19 November 2011

Turmeric - the divine root

I had taken my kid for one of the meets sponsored by a company that promoted anti rabies vaccine, the kid was quiet till a slide said , do not sprinkle any turmeric powder on any wound.

My son asked me why not?? i said shshshsh i will talk to u later.

In our custom turmeric is used as a condiment for all our good food preparations, in temple rituals it is used as an applicant over the body , and as a cosmetic too for the women, in the bindi and also as a general applicant for wounds.

Now the scientific organisations have begun to realize that it has anti- bacterial, anti- viral properties and it is a curative and has more actions which we will know with the researches going on.

I was talking about this to a cousin in states, and he says, ohh i take turmeric tablets .

Hmmm this is news to me.


Rose said...

Why not sprinkle turmeric on wounds? Mind explaining?

venkhat said...

ohh god sorry rose i read this question only today.

The pharmacy folks say that as the wound would heal and there would be no place for their medications.