Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Domestic dominance, official kingdom

Many a married man, knows that it is best to leave the broom where it is and not to alter the furniture.

He also knows that it is he who rules at his office, but why change positions, and create a battle, which can never be won.

There was once an article which has the words of a man who ran his career and home affairs with out deep scratches.

His answer to the question of “ how” he says, I don’t make small decisions, that is my lady, as what I should wear or she should wear, the coloring of the wall or the shade of the furniture.

I only deal with BIG things as should states bomb Iran, should man make plans for the trip to Mars, u know BIG BIG things.

Maybe mans look is far sighted, and a womens vision is more closer, it is best to leave it to their own territories, for a romantic candle light dinner at home or at a resort which she decides.

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