Friday, 1 October 2010

A clean-up of the outer and inner

There are a variety of baths, a tub bath, a shower bath, an oil bath ,a steam bath, a seitz bath, a hip bath,a foot bath, a river bath, a water fall bath, a sea bath,and a sun bath, all baths are a clean up, no one makes an issue of the style or the preference of a kind and availability.

A meditation is also of that kind, it is a bath of that which is contained and goes along with the body, name it any thing u like from a bombastic word called consciousness, or a simpler term of your understanding.

All that matters is u have one to guide, who has been in the process, and the rest is an enjoyment of the rush of energy or a flow of that water over u.

From past to the present we have had varieties of meditations ranging from Vipassanna, given by Bhuddha, gibberish words, dancing and whirling, sitting quietly or expressing things, modern days of transcendental meditation to the Dynamic and Bhairava meditations and more mysterious methods, each to their own styles, and Masters.

What ever the method, each one has been designed with a reason, for certain individuals, may we get to find the one suitable for us and get to enjoy the multitude of others too, for a clean up of the inner kind.

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