Sunday, 3 April 2011

Nuked food - good for health?

The world is aware of the recent tragedies from nuclear irradiation escaping from the nuclear plants, and its cancerous tragedies that are bound to follow.

The shelf life of a food product has become so important that we do not mind nuking them with irradiation to prolong it.

Any food product is bound to get spoil t as it contains nutrients, and life in vegetable matter, if they are present, bio organisms are there to denature them.

If we are going to use irradiation to destroy the DNA of the bacteria and other organisms, to keep the food from spoilage, imagine what damage would happen to the food, would it be worthy of being consumed or would it be cancerous invisibly?

Can we not use safer methods for food preservation, yet maintaining the natural quality of the food?


Yoda said...

Oil, sugars, vinegar (acids) and salt were great natural preservatives until modern medicine came along and certified them dangerous. Most people are terrified of them. lol, no wonder most people avoid these completely while consuming great quantities of genetically modified and irradiated foods.:)

venkhat said...

My lady and me are taking small time classes and catching folks who sit idle and talk about these natural preservatives.
I have even managed to get one gunny sack of sea salt in my work station to offer to my clients.
some see me crazy, i know mother nature, and can see her smiling.