Thursday, 12 May 2011

Goddess of earthquake

Cultures around the world have innumerable stories to keep their men from being up to mischief, and let them know that there is some one somewhere who is better and stronger than u .

Hence there was Thor,(god of thunder) , rain god, Goddess of love,Poseidon( god of the sea) and others, many turn to them in times of crisis for help or advice, through prayer and silence.

For the present times how wonderful it would be if we had a goddess of earthquake, we can pray or ask forgiveness for her overtime work of shaking herself into quakes, and destruction.

Even if there was one such goddess one thinks real hard could she really be so sadistic to bring on such disasters?

The time has come, to think could such tragedies be brought on by man, and his greed for more natural resources ? or some other motive, that man himself gets to have a shake brought on at a site ,he plans to show a lesson to one who is a Rebel.

Sounds crazy.


Shaz said...

I was wondering? Why goddess? (female god?)
and you could add god of tsunami too!!

venkhat said...

I felt a bit more compassion would be right so i made it goddess .
That Japanese earthquake and tsunami needs to be thoroughly studied.

Jaclyn Shaw said...

Why not goddess. It's an energy of mother...