Wednesday, 18 May 2011


With due apologies to all noble professions!
In this age of professionalism, no profession is noble.
I am fortunate to have got the last dregs of the generation of dedicated teachers who taught like wowow!
I never felt the need for tuitions really!
Unlike nowadays where even a toddler goes for tuitions.

Anyways, I just got news of the results of my kins and friends. Wow! Brilliant!
My school has delivered 20 outstanding results and 100 and 99 in Economics!
(When I was in school, you could get 99 and 100 only in maths!)
What do these kids do? Are we becoming more intelligent a species?
Kids are studying like an absorbent tissue paper!

What has brought such high standards?
Are the teachers better or are the students better?
If both are so much better then, can we expect some great inventions in the near future?
Something that can blow us out of our minds and be able to say wowow! (as we did when we heard the results)


Yoda said...

Its certainly getting very competitive for the kids. I wonder how the average ones cope with the stress of having to deliver ... can't be much fun for them or the teachers these days, Shaz.:)

Shaz said...

yes.. tough times.. but the tougher the better it seems!!

P.S.. I am back in my blog from today!
had enough of hibernation and as promised you are the first to know!

venkhat said...

The marks were to be released on the net that morning,our kid was ready and at the computer.
He is normally very silent and never a flicker of worry, but this morning it was different a bit of anxiety.
A few minutes before he could get to know his marks , i got it over the phone from his maths teacher, who could not hold his excitement.

The kids like u said Shazia , are working hard and seem to absorb like a tissue.
maths 200
physics 196
chemistry 198

He is on the look out for a place that will be good for him.

Shaz said...

WOW! that was really brilliant!!
Congratulations, you must be so so proud!!
Hope he finds a place suitable for him. Best of luck!