Saturday, 14 May 2011


I was in the mood for some gold!
Akshaya tritya was an excuse!
I went to the jewelers, and I asked for my long wished and put away for too long, a mangalsutra!
Now I wanted a simple chain with black beads, but there were umpteen designs, in some the gold was to much and the beads too far spaced out!

To say the least all hurt the eyes, I kept saying, give me a simple one!
The wife of the shop owner happens to be a friend, and she was bent on showing me the latest trendy ones! But they looked like fashion/fancy necklaces with beeg diamond or gold pendants. She said its the way it is worn nowadays, more like a thing of showing off rather than the original yellow string with black beads!

After much searching and going through several boxes, I found one which looked close to the simple design that I had in mind. But, there was one problem, the beads were not round ones but square beads.
Needless to say, it is really tough to find simple things.
What amazes me is that complicated sells!!
If I wasn't so stubborn about the simple look, she had almost convinced me to buy those strings they called mangalsutra!

I was almost yelling inside,”Keep It Simple, Silly!” (Kiss)
now you know why the title was thus named!! :P


venkhat said...

What a way to start, if only we could respond with that, keep it simple silly, but we i am sure and all will adore u, just the way u express yourself.

I was reminded of this, when a wife passes the " kiss cards" to the hubby who is the speaker.
Hope your hubby liked the mangal sutra too.

Shaz said...

Oh thank you venkhat for liking the post and i hope to live upto the standards of this blog!

Yoda said...

haha, nice start ... that kiss probably got everyone going for the day.:D

Don't worry about standards - there isn't any. It's just fun to fingerpaint with words.:)

I just love how you and venkhat think.

p.s.- I've just added admin permissions - feel free to design, invite, etc.:)

Shaz said...

Thank you Yoda,
I am just on cloud 9 now!