Friday, 20 May 2011

God does not have the heart to create Aids

We who have been taught from the times we started our lessons on our mothers lap, have always been told that God is compassionate, kind , loving, caring and gives what we ask and more words, it has continued through our schooling and social work times.

Now we are in a world with so many pathetic diseases that do not have remedies.

In our country we have been told " health is natural" and stays so unless we mess it up with unnatural methods of living. ( the rest u can let your imaginations wander)

With this back ground, do u think the present AIDS virus could have been a product of His Creation.

For the atheist, with evolution as a base,where did the aids come from suddenly, for which mankind has nothing to tackle it with.

Evolution has adaptability of a species to tackle problems, where is it ?
with regard to aids.

It is time the scientist kicked the politicians, to help themselves to use their findings for the betterment of mankind than for its destruction, and the greed of the elite.
( do u see where i am leading)

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Shaz said...

I do get the gist of it!!
Even i think, that there is more to the eye than is met!!
Undoubtedly, there are some who are powerful enough to stop inventions which can be used to better mankind, so that their own interests are fulfilled before.
hard to believe!!