Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Shaking the wrong hand

I am not into politics, but to keep safe it is wise to know with whom u are shaking your hands with, to safe guard our resources and freedom,in this modern world of warfare.

India had a long friendly relationship with Russia, and if one is with one of the super powers, u are a distance with the other super power, America.

Now we see that things are changing a bit, with the American president hosting his first dinner to the Indian prime minister.

The Americans had always been pally with our cousins across the border, Pakistan, now they seem to have had enough as the 3 billion aid they had been offering to them yearly, has not been getting the desired results, and on one hand they are dropping food and the other side droning them.

It is a time for us to look into the allies of America and what happens to them when they are getting into the dull looks.

Beware the hand that u shake, it is not to share warmth, but to check if by shaking, if there are any hidden things which will drop with the shake.

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