Thursday, 12 May 2011

cctv aimed at kids

It was play time and the kids used to freak out, irrespective if the referee was watching or not.
not any more as the fields are fixed up with cameras and so also the corridors of the school buildings.

The last time i visited my school for the sports day, this is what i noticed in the corners of buildings, with the cameras hooked to the angle aimed at the favorite haunts of the kids.

It may be a simple get together to plot against a common enemy, one among the fellow classmates, but this hook up being watched on a closed circuit tv at a missionary school premises is abhorrent.

We had a tricker who used to sell pears, and get for us masala dosais from muruga bhavan, a restaurant on the outskirts of the school campus, but those favorite hide outs can never be ventured again by these kids.

What ever the reason, why should such practices be brought up by an institution , to spy on the school kids?

Will these kids ever grow up normal, or will they always be on the look out for that hidden camera whirring about to catch a normal mood of a child , or one who is home sick on the steps.

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