Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Obama shoots Osama

The world woke to the news of Osama,from Obama.

We who are so much into asking for proof, take it for granted that Mr president only says the truth after evaluating things from his level to share to the world.

Many have said he had died, right from December 2001, only to find him and his videos surfacing, but now that the word of Mr president is final, we will not find him again as the cause of more destruction and death, fearing and hating the freedom of the Americans.

He who had brought his name to fame from the hot sands of Saudi to every mouth on earth,may he rest for ever, and not come back from the dead, to have been the cause of some destruction some where posthumously.


S said...
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S said...

:) The heading put a smile on my lips..
yeah.. may he rest in peace!

I just had to tell you, I have shut down my blog.. at least for now.
Thanks for sharing and words of encouragement!
If I do start writing.. You will be the first to know! Thats a promise!

venkhat said...

Shazia, u have been a great encoouragment with your words, and a sence of honesty.
your words will be missed.

Yoda said...

Sorry to hear your blog is gone, Shazia, it was interesting with some terrific thought processes behind it. What made you stop?

I know blogging can seem quite pointless when events move around in your life - I've closed so many of mine.:)

Yoda said...

Also, I wondered if you'd like to blog here, Shazia, for those occasional burning thoughts that won't go away unless expressed.:)

Both venkhat and I would love to have other authors share the burden.

S said...

Hi Yoda,
I was just upset..
You said once you were a very open person? Maybe I dont want to remain open anymore..
Thanks for the invite, will surely think and get back to you wonderful friends!!

Yoda said...

I get that way too, Shazia, I'm as short-fused as hell and most often hurt myself and my projects with my rage. Destroying our creativity hardly ever goes noticed, even by ourselves. The most apparent rage is when we hit self-destruct in the markets.:)

I hope you find your equilibrium and your sunny self again to share. All the best!:)

S said...

Hi, Venkhat and Yoda,
I think there is no harm in trying and I do want to write..
I might write here as well for the sake of keeping my own sanity!
You can count me in!
my email id is redhotshazi@gmail.com.
looking forward to a fresh start!
Thanks again

venkhat said...

clap clap clap clap clap.
wooo wooo peeeee wooo peee,
gestures of a happy venkhat.

S said...

when and how do I start?
As you can see< i am itching to write!!

Yoda said...

Sorry for the delay - I've sent the invite just now so ... Welcome aboard!!

Consider this your own blog - I think once you accept I can give you all the permissions. Really looking forward to your musings.:)