Friday, 27 May 2011


I have often observed that people dislike wasting money.
If money is spent, it should be spent with results.
No result makes us smirk and say, “ Oh the money has gone to waste!”

The definition of waste is also quite variable in the context of the priorities of one's life.
Some would consider buying clothes a complete waste while others would find buying cars and tech stuff a complete waste!

I came across an even more interesting “waste.”
A relative was sick and the doctor asked her to undergo some tests and x rays and ultra sonographies.. I wonder who the doctor is? The machine or the man? But then this is another topic!
Anyways, this relative was quite satisfied because the doctor took so much interest in her and written such a lengthy prescription. The fee given to the doctor did not look like a waste at all.

The tests were done and all reports were all good and clean.
She was aghast and was quite grumpy, saying to everyone she met,” I spent so much on the fee and the tests and it has all gone to waste!!!!!”

What a waste!! Had she been diagnosed with some dreadful disease, I wonder what she would have said then!

Moral of the story, " Don't waste money on doctors/tests/medicines, it always goes to waste!"


umavenkhat said...

In this side of the world there are folks who Consider it a big thing, if they spend large amounts of money, in doctors fees, investigations, costly medicines, and to brag about it later at social get-together.

I, when given a chance will counter and make a show of how much has been wasted and the patient duped, and how much they have helped in making use of the innovative technologically up dated investigations, and how they are helping the drug companies survive.
The huge files are a show off, than a show of a problem.

Shaz said...

Oh! I completely agree. In fact even in this side of the world..talking of lifestyle diseases is almost like a lifestyle (fashion) statement!!
( I was even meaning to blog on a part of this kind of conversation in social get togethers.)

Yoda said...

haha, once again, you hit the nail on our collective social conditioning, Shaz. Loved it.:)

I remember being as resentful as your relative when I took extensive tests. I was so ill that my hand would tremble when I would lift an empty glass, my skin had 2 ft long runs of eruptions, I couldn't digest anything but puffed rice - and all the tests came back absolutely normal! I remember telling the doc, "LOOK at me ... do I look *healthy* to you??" lol!
Now you just made me feel bad that I wanted to have something serious that they could treat me for.:D