Monday, 2 May 2011


The only labels we knew were the ones that got pasted on book covers,detailing name and subject, and school.

Now one gets to see labeling all over,food is one that gets the maximum attention.

We ate what was offered sure it was nutritious and safe,from the market, fresh with no packages, now with all the food from the shelves, reading the labels, seems to be a talent one has to learn.

We villagers are dumb stuck at the small words, and bombastic terminologies and wonder how the folks in the cities decipher, it is an art of picking things.

The coded numbers, the fancy chemical names, and "permitted colors and preservatives added" as a government seal of satisfaction given, as an authority of " passed".

Where does one learn, to read the words and numbers, and how trustworthy are the list and signs?

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