Saturday, 14 May 2011

Lesson from a medical representative-thiomersal

The day started with the usual leisurely work outs and spacey times of relishing a nutritious breakfast.

I get marked for calls from national companies to prescribe their products, being shunned away by the local ones, and this particular morning it was one presenting Rabipur, he was methodical with the visuals and he said that his product does not have "Thiomersal", some how that word caught my attention and i asked him details , for which he could not expand.

All that he could say was, his company has removed that from the ingredients in that product.

I cannot thank that gentleman enough to have touched a curiosity nerve in me, that opened up a whole new world of things which have been hidden.

If only we had more time, to deal and question the pharmacy folks, with out being lobbied by them, i am sure our prescriptions will be much different.

( for those who do not know what is thiomersal------- preservative containing mercury)


Yoda said...


venkhat said...

Yoda, i am sorry , but it is all true, and now u can see whether the health care is really that or 'sick care" at the depth.

Shaz said...

:) am amazed by how you extrapolated the in depth meaning of health care!

Yoda said...

To think of all the antirabies vaccines I've taken before this, venkhat, my health issues (ulcers mostly) must be related to mercury poisoning.

I've met vets who've taken so many that they say they can't take any more antirabies shots because it would compromise their immunity ... maybe its the mercury that compromises it, not the vaccine.

venkhat said...

Don't u worry Yoda, if it is mercury, then let the country variety of coriander, chelate the heavy metal from inside u.
The heavy metals usually settle down, hence a lot of women have uterus related worries.

if it mouth ulcers, then check if u have any amalgum in your teeth,( to fill a caries tooth) that is 50% mercury and the rest made up of other metals, causing a battery like situation inside the mouth.

Yoda said...

I don't have mercury in my fillings - mom made sure of that. It's an ulcer in the diaphragm/eosophagus join that's plagued me for 2 decades, on and off (flares up when I have a throat infection).

I'll have more coriander chutney from now on, just in case.:)

Yoda said...

read esophagus*