Thursday, 19 May 2011

When will our prince marry?

There has been ample celebrations of Will and Kate.
But when will our very own cho cute and most eligible bachelor of our country marry? If you are wondering who it is? Here is another clue.

Arrey Rahul .. Oh not the Rahul Mahajan (yucks) or Rahul bajaj. It is
the Rahul Gandhi.

cute na? :P

Each time I see him, now seeing him because of the land fued going
on in the news almost every other day.. He seems to become cuter day by day! How many hearts will break
when he finally ties the knot,(sigh!) I dont know! But I wish he got married
and let off the many gals who think they have chance, off the hook!

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Yoda said...

lol, you always make me laugh, and think - you're right, we do have royalty here as well, Shaz.

I think I'd like to impose a celibacy law for politicians - no marrying, reproducing dynasties if you want to serve the country in a democracy.:)

venkhat said...

Shazia, even if he did get married, those who are hooked are hooked.

Yoda how true and how wonderful it would be if the politicians did have that,Law, but they would loose a wonderful support of family and kids, and i am one who believes that the family is the base for all, whether it is profession or social or meditative future.

May be we can be careful that they don't fill family coffers but the states coffers.

Let them have a large family.

Shaz said...

yeah, my father always says that there should be democracy within the democratically elected party too!

But, for now we should be glad we have our own prince to sigh for!!hehe