Monday, 30 May 2011

Calcium myth - as brittle as chalk

There isn't a day when calcium is not shown on the media, as the support for strong, healthy bones and teeth, nothing can be more from the truth.

Milk ,natures most complete food is practically carried on a plate like a tiara for the queen,claiming that its calcium is most necessary for the normal growth of the bones, quietly leaving away, the fact that we could also be as moronic or as dull as the buffalo, chewing away the cud in the shade of a tree.

The calcium in the cow's or buffalo milk has the amount necessary for its infant, who is so different from us.

Do u think that the calcium that u take will get pasted on the bones and teeth?
actually phosphorous and magnesium are leached from them to keep the ph value of the blood stable.

In inference, do bones get stronger or become as brittle as chalk?


Yoda said...

So true! The milk lobby of the world has perpetuated the myth about calcium - otherwise eating chalk would do the same job (kids who eat chalk and clay are usually wormy and acidic, not calcium depleted).

Such a pity that ppl with osteoporosis are forced to take calcium by docs because an injested excess actually leeches bone calcium away and accelerates the degeneration!

Shaz said...

oh oh!
I had joined a health care company some years ago, they said almost the same thing, that the milk of cow is only useful for its baby..and that it neither contributes to our health or to our brains.
Hearing the same from you, Now I am convinced about it.
I have seen people who have drunk milk all their life and still are calcium deprived.
This is the first time, I don't regret that I had stopped taking milk when I was 6 or 7 years old!!
I still prefer fruits to milk!
Thanks. :)

venkhat said...

The headline reads " The sharp minded beauty reveals her secret-she kicked milk when she was around 6"

may the truth spread.