Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Crossing borders

People in the forces are taught to fight and fight well ,to win and cause disaster to the enemy, and maintain our lanes.

People in the civil are taught to love and make friends of the people across the border, and do this well with organizations and meetings either of the arts or of the games.

These days the rules are the same, but the regions of relationships are criss-crossing.

The civilian populations are being killed and the war games are extended to peace zones.

Civilian populations are fanned with terror tactics and tortures, and passions of love are turned to hatred and war.

The winners in this are the political minded ones who don’t work for the betterment of mankind,but for the control of its mind and slavery of the masses, and stealing others resources.

May we save ourselves from more war, with fellow humans, and let love flow, to share what we have.

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