Thursday, 12 August 2010

Stanleyans at Kodai

I am another of the daughters of Mother Nature, my sister Yercaud did send me word through the clouds about the coming of the Stanlyeans.

They had selected the Hill County, which is naturally landscaped with green lawns well maintained,with easy footpaths and misty mountain views, not difficult climbs and suited for privacy, they had made a good choice to stay.

I gave them the best weather for the stay, not too cold, nor warm.

The friends and family arrived on Friday, in groups and individuals, and all got accommodated to the careful listings and adjustments, each carrying a flower to the rooms.

The friends started to trickle in even late, but all were in time for the dinner after a wash, it was a pleasure to see the hugs and warm shakes and the shy kids to see their parents in this style was surprising, as no one would have called their papa as “enna da”.

The kids had a gala time for themselves, and even divided to play’capture the flag”, how I wished to take part too with their enthusiasm, and foreign tongue slang,they sat on the steps, sharing things and future planning.

The local kids got to pair with their parents to play dumb charades, reviving film names.

While the pictures were being taken, I felt I wanted to pose too showing myself my happiness for their togetherness.

They brought in long forgotten memories with pictures and games and recalling the good and close times that brought laughter and tears, one could hear the sniffs and quiet brushing away the dust in the eyes of families.

They all seem to be in very high posts,but none showed their professional highness in this warm get together of friendship.

They danced to the tunes of hit music and I did too with them, around the bon-fire making steps in the fire and breeze.

For the group picture, if they did see clearly, they would notice my arms embracing them all.

They shared much through the human emotions which I could not fathom, but it was much that I cannot put in words, and when they bid farewell, I sent them a slight drizzle and then poured my self in tears of rain.

Miss kodai

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