Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Mystery of the dangling “lolaku”

There is no man who cares for his beard, who has not been affected by the dangling chandelier ear jewels on a women’s ear lobe.

I have heard of it, read about it and know a lot of smart women use this to melt a man’s heart, but how it turns on a man is a mystery.

I remember my grand ma who used to wear a heavy ear jewel which made her ear lobes hang, she did not wear spectacles till her death at 85, that may have been an added benefit, for the aged, but this biological effect is a turner.

The designs for the ear jewels have innumerable shades and styles,hoop, drop, studs, suspenders, but the hanging ones are a sure throb for the stunning kind, the young ones pick up this trend at an early age, and go on to conquer the mans heart till kingdom comes.


Yoda said...

I often think men who admire it should wear more ornaments and make-up to get action-satisfaction - better than looking at a dressed up doll, is to dress up yourself. It would have the same effect on women looking at a lolaked man.

Most women I know don't enjoy wearing jewelery or make-up beyond the age of 6.;)

venkhat said...

this is sure a different angle Yoda,
Jewelled man- admired by a women.