Sunday, 29 August 2010

Games people play

There are a variety of games that folks like to dabble in, according to their moods and expressive standards.

In these days of war games,video games and shooting target practices encouraging violence, mind games with physicals can be a welcome change.

Physical activities are taking a back seat, and one seems to even forget to play games with their own kids.

There may come a time when the game of wooing a heart mate called as a “love game” may even get forgotten.

It was at such a time that I found I liked to express my self at ‘Dumb Charades’ a game for many and also for two, u can have a large garden or a simple setting of a living room, all that matters is the beating of hearts for the game.

One does not need to be dumb to play this game, each one needs to be intelligent and sharp. A name or a sentence is selected, and one needs to enact it to make the other understand and bring out the original.

A long time ago in college I saw this event conducted for city college students, the way they expressed themselves with such speed and understanding, that it caught my mind, and their skill and personal rapport in the language of gestures.

It can be a sort of cobweb cleaning of our rusty minds.

Such moments help us to loose ourselves and find our true nature of simplicity and happiness.

Get your partners, or find a team for the next time with friends.

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Yoda said...

I used to enjoy Dumb Charades too, but the last I played it was before the advent of tv!