Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The lilies bloomed

It was evening and the time for the lilies to bloom, I had decided to some how sit with the plant to see them bloom their flowers today.

I made my way to the garden, found the bed where the lilies were, they are just an unnoticeable plant with large grass like leaves fleshy and green, with an out of place thick stem for the flowers which bloom singly for a week or more.

The minutes clicked towards 7 pm, the petals were beginning to inhale in a sense , like a small balloon, and through the gaps the anthers loosened out with a spring action.

The petals were being held at the top and all the sides were spacing, u could say it was a birth of a flower, more seconds ticked and suddenly the tip of the flower was released and all the thin long petals were dancing with the freedom.

A flower was born and a smile was made to happen.

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