Saturday, 28 August 2010

Sense and Sensibility (2008, BBC) [* * * * *]

I have had a fascination for Jane Austen and her stories, one of the finest writers of all time. I've lately been going through all the movies created based on them.

One of the reasons for my interest is the striking resemblance of her time (1700-1800s) to my own. The women are all concerned, and almost only concerned, with getting married despite having an education. Developing secret fascinations for unsuitable men in a period where arranged marriages are going out of fashion but parents don't approve of marrying for love either. And all marriage still depends on the woman's dowry, youth and looks, whether love or arranged, in a very male-dominated ideal.

300 years hasn't changed the situation yet. Indian mothers still find their boys 'suitable' connections. The boys go with the flow even though they dally with the idea of loving unsuitably, before and after they marry, leaving behind heartbroken girls who will grow into cynical, sensible women who find their support in women rather than men.

Sense and Sensibility is about 2 girls, one falls in love recklessly and doesn't hide her feelings only to be jilted by the passionate lover and the other more modest girl suffers in silence only to find she had chosen a better man for her affections. I consider this to be good sisterly advice to the girls of today..:)

Using your head is definitely to be preferred, and sense rules over sensibility for girls over 300 yrs!


venkhat said...

Now that the girls have got a sensible advice from the sister,i will wait for one for the boys, some time,soon, to pass it on to my boy.

Yoda said...