Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Pop, I, the spinach men

The grass is green,

The greens are fresh

The vendors are sweet,

and all that matters is the heart to get them and prepare.

If there was a cartoon with romance which stays in my mind it is Popeye show.

Since I am into spinach as a nutritious food and its variety, I am reminded of the tune and strength of the episodes.( toot toot popeye the sailor man)

Now that the rains have started the trickle of greens into the market has become constant, getting to know them and their preparations can help in getting around.

There are certain vendors who deal with only greens, according to the seasons they spread their wares, this season it is the thumbai pannai, a combination of two varieties, which complement each other and bring on a balance of taste and nutrition.

A bundle of them costs 2 rupees and for a family of 4, 3 bundles will do,but more will help as the preparations taste better on the 2nd day with the fermentation process.

One tedious process can be getting the leaves pinched and cleaned of mud particles.

We prefer the clay pot for this variety preparation and tamarind as a base.

The other variety I like a lot is the aarai keerai, which goes well with just onions and rice, my favorite and also my dads.

A plate of rice and this and a fork can get one to heaven and back.


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