Saturday, 14 August 2010

Superbug - a trick on the medical tourist

The jealous west is out to hamper the riding tourist patient entering India, with this scare, they will cut off a lot of patients entering India as the medical west is scared of bugs.

We in India are not, as we have ourselves immune to such scare tactics and in reality too, except for the many who are tuned to the tv screen and allow our selves to wash with dettol and dip ourselves in anti biotic soap solutions, after a visit to the vegetable market.

If we search with the thoughts of Sherlock Holmes acumen, am sure we will get to the root of this scare, may be there is a long forgotten stock of an antibiotic that has been left in warehouses, whose expiry date is soon due? and which has suddenly been found to be susceptible to this bug.

Or a new antibiotic suddenly on the market?

Now that the swine flu pandemic has been declared over, it is time for another tactic.

We will wait and see.


mok 11852206222016240633 said...

you brought out their folly.
if one cannot compete, one will sully :)
they know to coin phrases!
afterall BBC was started for propaganda during WWII,
VOA job is done by CNN CNBC ABC XYZ ...
have a nice day!
and, venkat, your piece on kodai was downtoearth.

venkhat said...

thank you, i have much to read and listen, i dont know much expansions even for those stations.

Yoda said...

What won't they try? Shameless fellas. You're probably right in predicting a new antibiotic to be released.:)