Monday, 16 August 2010

Dharma Hospital

It was a day of lesson for the doctor of a small time clinic in the village.

There he was sitting and reading his text book one fine morning, soon after finishing his studies and setting up practice.

The doctor had a small garden at his home and a two room set up for his services, and a helping maid for his tasks.

It was mid morning and an old lady walked in and spelt out her complaints, the doctor did his usual tests of checking her breath sounds and blood pressure and dutifully gave her injectable medicines and a two day set of tablets to go with, which was the village style of treatments followed by his colleagues.

The old lady got up and quietly moved towards the exit and the doctor followed her to the gate, may be the lady thought how kind of the doctor to see her away.

The doctor asked her what was she going to do for his services offered; the old lady was all surprises, “is this not a dharma hospital?”( government hospitals are called this)the doctor checked his entrance to see if any one had made a placard saying his place was a charity hospital or that he was a government servant!!

He had no words to express, his being duped by an old lady, he smiled and wondered why he was not taught this lesson in college?

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