Thursday, 19 August 2010

X-men Trilogy: Origins, X2: United, X3: The Last Stand

This is another fascinating trilogy out of the comic books. First of all, this comic alone was a runaway hit with 8 million copies sold at the first printing. The movies followed as the highest grosser for Marvel after Spiderman.

Several elements seem to have combined to make this the comic of this age. First of all the genetic references, so apt to our times, about the human gene getting modified to create mutants with special skills.

These mutants are different enough to frighten the ordinary population as freaks. The conflict leads to two possible solutions - merging into the majority by controlling the skill or open war with the ordinary humans since mutants might be the advanced race.

The photography is fantastic and each individual fascinating. The tendency to elitism in youth was bound to make this trilogy popular.:)

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