Thursday, 28 April 2011

The march of the best to the west

It has always been the dictum that the best of a lot, whether of the family or the class or the society always goes to the west -AMERICA

The happenings in the land of the brave and the home of the free, will it still attract them, or make them change to a different continent or direction.

The skies are being poisoned, the water,the food and now the minds with stupid programmes on tv and mass media zoombism, and the kids of the land sent to school to learn unnatural things to make them stay retarded.

I wonder what the kids of the future generations will choose the green paper back, or the black oily gold for a valuable living, or the mannerly Regal British,thoroughly polished with their please and thank yous.

what ever the hope and the scope, the decision is based with the concern of the family at heart.


Shazia said...

The lure of America is still very lucrative proposition!!
I wished to go there someday!! still do!
Good or bad, it is one helluva discussed place for all kinds of reasons!

venkhat said...

Shazia i hope u get to that land soon and share with us, what u see,feel and experience.

Yoda said...

Yuck, I hated America. Shazia, you'll find it a hollow, self-promoting torture, I promise you. Its the land of the superficial and full of silliness.

The 'dream' we had was pushed on us by their ruthless national advertising.:)