Thursday, 2 June 2011

If there is no news _ make them

The professionals in a certain field have reached a crescendo, at whose height, they have no work to satisfy their spirit, so what do they do, make them.

The press, if they have nothing to print, they make news,
if the doctors have no cases, they create them.

If the politicians have nothing to do, they make laws to create a rift within the land and across the borders to make wars.

Meteorological folks have now got powers to alter the forces of nature,who would keep quiet with such a capacity?

If we have the capacity to do wonders, why don't we just sit and wait for the opportunity , rather than rush to show off our powers.

Where does the fault lie, the highly qualified egoist, or the stupid ill equipped ego of a maniacal ruler,at a department.

It is like trying to help an old lady cross the street , who does not want to go that side.


Yoda said...

haha, I like that about forcing the old lady to cross a street when she doesn't want to. And then claiming it was for her own good.:D

Good analogy, venkhat - they use reverse psychology to make us believe they're doing what we want them to, to sell us their wares.

Shaz said...

A very nice post.
I couldn't agree less!

venkhat said...

thank you girls