Friday, 1 October 2010

Alice in wonderland

It was the last show for the movie and the whole village was on the eve celebrations of the new Rajinikanths movie “Iyandiran” the next day, and whose fans were already clinging to the rails for the movie next morning.

Me and my lady decided to see Alice in wonderland what ever the cost,(Rs 20) we were 11 of us inside the theatre, a pity we were not given the 3 d glasses as the movie was a Tamil version, well any way nice to see and hear Alice in Tamil and also the animals.

There was very little of the original Lewis Carroll, except for the “eat me, drink me” labels, on the liquor bottle and cake.

Well like all evolutions, so with this making of the movie to please its audience.

All the animals looked so real and the humans acted with such animalistic understandings, that there did not seem to be any line of difference in the mixing of species.

It is a movie which will be enjoyed by the kids and the adults equally well.

The animations were so good, and the emotional qualities of the animal world brought out with such human qualities u could understand them with no words, ohh the froggy subject was too good.

It takes some time to adjust with the height and shrinkage of Alice, that one could puke in the theatre, if one was prone to disease of heights.

The cast has been chosen with care, and there has been no frame of over acting or want of character.

To understand the whole sequence it is best one reads up the script after the movie. to realize what u have seen on the screen, or it would have been just adventure with no background, and missing all that the folks who made it wanted us to know and enjoy.

Alice grows from a small timid girl to a mature adventure seeking person of courage, and with her all of us too.

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