Friday, 15 October 2010

Armegeddon [1998] (* *)

Bruce Willis has been growing dull since the late 80s. I think his peak performance was in the tv serial Moonlighting [1985] (* * * * *) with Cybill Sheperd. Anyway, its another end-of-the-world sci fi.

But just because he's charming when he smiles, I watched a bunch of his movies that I'll review all at once today. I had a massive crush on him in the 80s, before he revealed himself to be a musclehead by marrying the horrible Demi Moore and being Republican.:)

The Whole Nine Yards [2000] (* * * *) was quite a lot of fun - didn't expect Bruce to do a good comedy after his tv days.

He followed this up with The Whole Ten Yards [2004] (* *) which was less funny and interesting but did add to the storyline. I suspect Mathew Perry had a lot to do with the humour - he's a great fallguy.

His Blind Date [1987] (* * * *) with Kim Basinger was quite comic too but not nearly as romantic as it should have been. Perfect Stranger [2007] (* *) with Halle Berry was bad on all counts except twist. Unlike all his other attempts, he really seemed to have a thing for Cybill Sheperd - the kind of magic that made his first his best!

Night Shyamalan brought out the best in him in Sixth Sense and the Fifth Element couldn't have gone wrong - both amazing stories of the paranormal. Perhaps Death Becomes Her can be added to the list of a worth-watching, but not because of him. Then there's the Die Hard 1, 2 and 3, Mercury Rising, etc. all fairly good for the genre of superviolent action movies. But that's it. What went wrong, Bruce?

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