Saturday, 9 October 2010

Coconut oil to the rescue of nutty worries

There are many ills affecting the modern man, and most have no permanent cures, one such illness is Alzheimer.

There can be no one who can be exempt, as the real cause is still in study.

The cause has been pointed at mercury, aluminum, stress, nutritional deficiency and more, and all the medicines are more like trials.

One promising research is pointing to coconut oil, and how it could help, and reverse, and prevent this illness.

May we find what we are in search of, to handle this illness which makes a nut of one who had once been an intelligent human.


Yoda said...

My granduncle used to tell his grandchildren that there is something in coconut whites that improves memory ... this was way back in the 70s.

venkhat said...

Those folks knew things, but they could not put it into words, for us schoolers to understand.
The cold pressed oil is the best way to get the oil, with out spoiling the original.
we use it with podi,for idlies, dosais, and also with rice.