Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A frienly visit by the seasonal flu

That Tuesday was like any other day, the only difference was an odd sneeze at lunch time.
The custard apple which i had got a day earlier was beckoning me , as there were three in number.
dad got his friend that afternoon at the garden, and the magic number 3 seemed just right for sharing.
so there we were the three custard apples between ourselves, every thing seemed ok till dinner, when things started with an ache, and a raise in temperature.

Ohhhh la la la, the nose started to drip and the head started to feel heavy, the body pain was a horror, and all the adjectives the patients used to offer to express themselves was flowing in front to bear readings to the fever.

The mental faculties were expressing themselves with all the mail, commands, the flow of words on the screen, the downloading of lessons and the blogging all seemed to want the attention at the same time, this seemed like a new finding, which was not expressed by the patients.

I seemed to groan and moan and make all sorts of noises calling folks , present and those who had left, if only there was a passage, am sure they would have all come seeing my state i guess.

My lady made a brew of coriander seeds and country Jaggery and leaves of tulsi, the concoction did soothe my throat and must have had some internal effect as my fever was going down and the body aches bearable.

I took off from work and munched neem leaves when i could manage the bitterness, my appetite was down, the feeling of floating in the air very much present.

I had avoided all synthetic preparations for the episode, I had decided not to cut my bath, so the bath timings had been scheduled to the passing of the sun over head, and westernising movements.

All seemed well and the fever i guess took off faster than it would normally stay.

I was back to work and type and seek out those who needed what i had to share.
others noticed the loss of weight, but my attire of dhoti could not notice the change in the waist.

It was another of those fear mongering fevers, that left as a friend, whose statistical data's i could not add to their numbers.

The flues fly away if we do not hamper them to stay longer,our system gets stronger, and we get to feel all the parts of us, both physical and mental.

May be it is the help of the climate and family that takes the credit for the quick recovery, but our own system can manage most such troubles with out external influence.


Yoda said...

I think you were asking for the labels to be on one side - have I done it right? You can now label your posts accordingly, gardner.:)

venkhat said...

i still do not know how to label my words, i will find a way.