Saturday, 2 October 2010

Barkings of a dog

I am a Dog and I am called as mans best friend.

I have been completely spoilt by man, with his food and life style, I envy my country cousins who still live a rugged life out in the open, under the sky and sleep on the ground,chase wild uncooked meat for food.

They have a normal physic and never get sick and if they do they fast and eat grass, booh booh, how unlike them I am the city dwelling, mild mannered, kennel living, well bred species of high class, who gets to see the vet and given all the jabs and medicines like a human .

Recently owners of my type have gone nincompoopish and got kennels like their own homes with doors, curtains, drawings of bone on the walls, and air conditioned,this is madness, if only some one could learn our language and ask us what we love as a home and our needs, things would surely be easier for us and them.

We like lots of exercise, uncooked food, no preservatives and junk like their food bought in packets, which have been kept on the shelves for long.we are getting diseased like them.

We hate to be dressed, now our owners are feeling ashamed of our nakedness and getting to cover us with materials of their likings.

We are getting sick in body and mind.

At this rate I wonder how long a man can continue to call us as “his best friend”.

Bow Bow.

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