Sunday, 10 October 2010

The courageous Ukrainians

The Ukrainians have opted out of going along with the other nationals in receiving the vaccines, that their government and health authorities of the world have decided for them.

I wonder how they have managed to join hands and go against the decision of their government.

I am worried for their welfare, as some times even nature seems to get angry at nationals who will not go along with the members of the other nationalities

Some times it is such nations that get floods or tsunamis or earthquakes or such natural disasters, or the aircrafts of their leaders come crashing down.

My heart is palpitating and my mind thinking if such things will happen, as these folks have set a trend for others to follow, with their courage and intelligence.


Yoda said...

Looks like Vaccine manufacturers are getting challenged in a US civil case for the first time in decades:

venkhat said...

winning a case in court, is that a judge has for once refused a threat or the offer of presents for giving a judgement.
for those who know to read and have the time to surf and research, the truth is there if u have the guts to accept.