Tuesday, 5 October 2010

US says sorry

I fail to understand why US should say sorry,for the happenings that took place 60 odd years ago, to a friendly nation which allowed it to take part for actions and the welfare of its citizens and for the future of the world of medicines.

But if this apology makes light of the guilt of the American politicians , let them show it for what they are allowing to happen across the world, or is it a trend that they do what they like now and the future politicians will come and apologize for the doings of today?

For those who do not know what the lines are about,

Syphilis and gonorrhea were allowed to spread, and were tested with medicines on native African population, in Guantemala, on mentally deranged individuals and prisoners around the 1940 s and it has come to light now, by private researchers. The tests were conducted with the help of personnel (medical researchers) from America.

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