Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Equilibrium (2002)[* * * * * *]

Once in a while I see a movie that obsesses me - Equilibrium is one of those. The sci fi story is of a nazi-like fascist future after a 3rd World War, when people who feel emotion are persecuted to prevent wars by an SS-like militia called 'grammaton clerics'.

Of course, it might be Christian Bale or the role of a grammaton cleric that might have been so sexy. The role is so asexual - and there's nothing more attractive than an asexual man; He's also exploring emotion illegally for the first time. Repression is common enough - but emotionally exploring innocence in a man is rare and exotic. Then there's the eastern mystique of training in gun kata, an imaginary martial art invented by Kurt Wimmer.

The movie itself is philosophical, romantic without being mushy, with a clean feel. A real thrill after the confused mumbo jumbo of Matrix. Perhaps one of the best sci fi movies made about a very probable future, if men don't learn to appreciate their emotions more.

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