Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The original face

It was another day spent, with the face changing innumerable times to suit the person in front, and changed according to the situation that i lost myself.

I was going to bed, with a thought how it would be to keep myself same, inspite of all the changes and folks who come on during the whole day.

It must have been just a few moments before i dozed away only to find myself in front of a happy go lucky face, asking if i was willing to come to see my original face, "good lord what an offer" i yelled.

I was getting a water bottle ready, when he said it was not a long journey, but only of depth, so i went along with him, he took me to one of my own home rooms, and dished out a mirror i had kept behind a cupboard.

He said it was a simple magic mirror which will show my original face, i told him i had used it before, but got nervous when i saw one with a large cut on the face in the mirror.

He smiled and vanished.

There i was with my own mirror of long standing, unused, i wiped it clean and sat down in front, times have passed and so has my patience.

After a few minutes of quietness, i saw a simple villager and turbaned and wiping away the sweat on his brow, his was a face of simpleness and silent happiness, fresh as the morning leaf on a plant in the garden.

I was back in bed, with thoughts of that person, and how that could be the original face, when i had the guest of the evening come back and say that " our original face is that which surfaces when we forget ourself in our doings."

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