Monday, 11 October 2010

Cooking up results

Ever since the physics practical exams I was prone to cook up results, I never could do them with in the stipulated time and get the correct answers, so I would give the mugged up answers and get away with it.

It was the same way with chemistry salt analysis.I felt those were only school studying ways and one got to forget them in matters of life and business.

I am getting to know that they are being followed the same way by big companies even dealing with medicines and food supplements.

How erroneous it would be when scientist are forced to cook up results to the tune of managements to suit their answers and findings and raise profits for their firms, at the expense of the public which trusts the testing scientists and their qualifications.

One such product is aspartame about which I have talked and written and read much, to many a deaf and blind public, which is the cause of many a blind mans illness.

The origin and continuous use of this product around the world is a sham and a shame.

The cooked up results are getting burnt and they are bound to be noticed soon, may our awareness grow to find them, for our benefit and for the benefit of those who trust us in deciphering things.


Yoda said...

I know a diabetic in her 70s who takes aspertame, and I told her that its been known to cause diabetes and to switch to stevia, to no avail. She still insists that her son says its safer than sugar and jaggery.

Impossible to undo the impact of advertisng.

venkhat said...

a real pity